Central Texas Homes Water Damaged

Action  is Required

I’m assuming you are reading this because your Austin home was damaged in the recent floods and you are searching high and low for answers to your questions about where to turn next. You are wondering if you should start cleaning up yourself or if that will somehow negate your insurance claims. Should you call a specialist that deals in basement floods or should you just wait and see if the water recedes on it is own? I can tell you that you most definitely do NOT want to do the latter.

The Water Should be removed Immediately

The water that is currently sitting in your basement or first level of your home is there to stay if you don’t have it removed. That plot of land and house you built on top of it are wholly unnatural things that do not even belong on this Earth, and so no natural drainage system will help expel that water. Besides, where would it go? It won’t go into the flooded streets where there is only more water? Would you prefer it to go into someone else’s house instead?

Flooded House Austin

It’s a Job For Professionals

You will want to hire the best water damage restoration company in Austin. One who has many years of experience dealing with floods of all kinds. The removal of the quantity of water you are hoping to remove from your home will require substantial industrial vacuums. The remaining water damage restoration can only be cleared up fans and suction to take away water in those hard to reach spots. It is a professional sized job, so you had better call the pros.

My Experience with Basement Flooding

As my wife and I stood on the top steps of the stairs to the basement, we surveyed what wasn’t completely under water and tried to see what we could get. My wife spotted a power drill that was sitting on my workbench and said that I should get it because it was her father’s and it meant a lot to her. The water level was rising so I knew if I was going to do it I had to do it right away. When I stepped off the steps, I got a taste for how severe the flood in the basement was. I lunged towards the tool bench, and I did a move you would do when in shallow water. I waded through my basement! My wife and I were able to share a sad laugh about it and lighten the mood temporarily, but the reality was that the flood was doing some significant damage to our house.

Fortunately, My Wife Fond The Right People

My wife was on the phone with a water damage repair company before the flooding and rain even stopped. She is great at researching so she found
the best Austin water damage restoration company to spend her money with. If it were up to me, I would just go with the first place that I called, but when you are dealing with Austin water extraction, you need to know whom you are dealing with and what kind of reputation they have. Their long history of doing the job makes me feel more confident that it will be done right.